Living Worksheets® for Mathematics

Site will close soon as other online material has now taken over, platforms have changed and I am now 75.

Maths for all . . all for Maths . . twice shortlisted for The BETT Awards

Compilations of interactive, mathematical exercises, puzzles, tools and tests, for Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools.

All material indicates truth of input at the point of entry, giving immediate feedback. This both motivates students and allows them to make corrections and progress with confidence.

Can be used stand-alone, via a network or, with an E licence, via the internet from your own server.

Compilations are now drawn from over 6450 interactive applications running under a browser interface.

Topic and level specific. Comprehensive coverage for KS2, KS3, KS4 and above.

Much of the material can also be printed for use on paper away from the computer.

Written and produced by an enthusiastic and experienced teacher,

the material satisfies both National Curriculum and Numeracy Strategy guidelines.

Used with enthusiasm and success for the last eighteen years. A truly comprehensive resource.

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Available: 600 small self-marking secure tests and 110 timed activities,
also over 250 interactivities for Entry Level Mathematics

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Designed for use on computers running Microsoft Excel®.

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A truly comprehensive interactive resource that is easy to access and manage.

Includes a large range of graphing and geometrical activities that respond to variable input.

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