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Living Worksheets® for Mathematics

Author:  John Ellis

Medium: Supplied on CD-ROM for transfer to server, stand-alones or laptops.

Designed for PC use but latest most of latest versions will also run on an Apple Mac.

Requires Excel 98 (Office 97) or later. Tested on versions up to Excel 2010.

Macros do not function with Apple Macs.

Files and Browser case matched for UNIX and Apple use.

Primary Living Worksheets PLW5P or PLW5PS1
KS2 material at levels 2 to 5, 2200 files
S1 version includes additional 510 lesson starters LWS1
PLW5PT or PLW45S1T as above with 420 tests.
Disk space required: 90MB to 150MB.

Living Worksheets for Middle Schools MLW5P or MLW5PS2
KS2/3 material at levels 2 to 6, 2600 files
S2 version includes additional 875 lesson starters LWS2
MLW5PT or MLW5PS2T as above with 530 tests.
Disk space required: 140MB to 200MB.

Secondary Living Worksheets SLW5P or SLW5PS3
KS2/3/4/4+ material, levels 2 to extension, 3900 files
S3 version includes additional 1730 lesson starters, LWS3.
SLW5PT or SLW5PS3T as above with 700 tests.

Disk space required: 180MB to 280MB.

250 Entry Level interactive applications available as an addon to any compilation.

E extended licenses available for use over the internet
via secure link from user's own site.

Available direct from Living Worksheets. Print, complete and send an order form,
together with official educational order form, or cheque made out to Living Worksheets to:

Living Worksheets, Marsh Cottage, Surlingham, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7AJ, England.


Licence holders may use printouts of sheets in their original form for pen and paper use.
All material is supplied in good faith but with no guarantee that all sheets will perform exactly as expected. The user takes responsibility for the transfer and use of the software supplied on the CD-ROM. Warranty is limited to replacement of the CD-ROM, and its contents, if found to be mechanically defective upon receipt.

All material © J.A.Ellis.

Windows 98® and Microsoft Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Living Worksheets® is the registered trademark of J.A.Ellis.

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