What was your experience with mathematics? Did you like maths or did you loathe mathematics? Did you frequently zone out when the mathematics teacher walk in? If your experience with mathematics was a bad one, then you might be wondering how to teach it to your kid. Here are some tips to assist you make your child enjoy mathematics even if you had a horrible experience with it.

Make Mathematics a Fun Game

Instead of subjecting your child to frequent mathematics quizzes spice it up and make it fun for your child. There are many available applications, digital games and even websites that offer various resources for getting a maths game. Apart from getting stuff, many books have maths games in them that are available as hard copies or can be downloaded and printed. There are also non-digital maths games like Monopoly, Ladders, and Chutes that can make your child learn mathematics. There is even a study that noted that pre-schoolers who played various maths-related board games like Chutes had better maths skills compared to those who did not.

Make Maths a Component of the Activities Your Child Likes

Find out which activities your kid likes to do with you and add some maths to it. For example, if they like cooking or baking with, you can ask them to measure ingredients for you. You can also ask them to estimate the number of items you are using to make a particular food. You can also ask them to perform subtraction games with them as you prepare food.

If you are travelling when they ask you how far you are from arriving—this is a maths problem. Tell them to minus the kilometres covered from the total kilometres to your destination to know how far we are. As you shop for your groceries, you can ask your kid to calculate the cost of the items they want versus the money you have for them. When the money runs out, they can stop choosing items.

Encourage Them to Perform Mental Maths

Encourage your children to practice performing maths problems mentally so that they can develop a ‘number sense.’ Studies have shown that children with who are good at performing mental maths are better problem solvers as they learn to approach problems in various ways. They are also able to recognise blunders in their work and appreciate maths better.

Reward Your Kids and Watch Your Words

When your child grasps any maths skill like addition or subtraction, you can reward them with a gift. The gift can be a simple gift like a piece of candy or even granting them more time to watch television.

Even though you might not have liked maths and maybe you also failed at it do not discourage your child when they are not grasping maths concepts. Instead, encourage them to take on the challenges that maths offers and help your kid tackle them. This will encourage to tackle on more maths challenges and they may even like maths in the long run.