Maths is an intriguing subject which permeates through history and has some exciting applications. Here are some fun mathematics facts and applications to indulge in.

1. You Can Really Cut a Cake into Eight Pieces Using Just Three Cuts

This seems like an impossible feat, but it is quite easy. All you need to do is make one horizontal cut and one vertical cut on the top of the cake. The last cut is then made horizontally through the middle of the cake from one side to the other. This leaves you with eight equal parts.

2. Zeros Have Brought Military Ships to a Standstill

In 1997, an unknowing cabin crew member aboard a warship entered the number zero by mistake into the ship’s computers. This left the ship stranded for two hours, since it divided all its navigational data by zero, leaving no navigation coordinates.

3. Shakespeare Might Have Disliked Mathematics

Shakespeare might not have liked mathematics since the word is only mentioned three times in the book ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

4. About Ones and Zeros and Googol

If you notice the word ‘Googol’ above, it is almost similar to the name of a technology company we are all familiar with. This is not a spelling error. The word Googol is a mathematical term which means a ridiculously huge number; ten to the hundredth power. This is more than all the elementary particles in the universe.

The founders of Google enjoyed maths from an early age, so when they were brainstorming a domain name for their technology company, one of the founders mistakenly typed in Google into the search engine instead of Googol. From that point on the name stuck. They have also named their headquarters Googleplex, borrowing again from yet another mathematical concept: Googolplex.

5. Zero is Not a Roman Number

Did you actually know that the number zero, does not exist in Roman numerals?