Living Worksheets®

Hints and Help

Links and addresses for information and support are in the documentation supplied on the original CD-ROM

Some Questions Answered

In General

Enable Macros if asked.

Set Macro security level to medium from within Excel. See link on main menu.

The answer looks correct but is not accepted

Re-type making sure there are no spaces, before, within or after your answer.

Cell shows as date

Select, copy and paste another open cell in its place.

Never use / in a cell unless instructed or within a formula starting with =.

Only part of the sheet is printed

Let the print manager complete its task before doing anything else.

Will not print or close

Press enter to complete entry in active cell.

Button does not respond

Press enter to complete entry in active cell.

Sheet does not fit the screen

Maximize. Click full-page button top right.

Use zoom, under View. Set the screen resolution to suit.

Active cell disappears or becomes locked

User has pasted locked cell over it. Ignore or close and reload sheet.