Living Worksheets® for Middle Schools MLW4P

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FRAC09 Equivalent fractions

FRACLN02 Fraction line

ROUN03 Round to 1 and 2 significant figures.

PUZSA00 Algebraic puzzle.

ALGEB03 Substitution.

PRBAB01 Likelyhood of events happening.

DIVIS04 Divisibility.

NPRAC09A Addition and subtraction with decimals practice.

STATS01 Mode and median

MEAS11 Metres, cm and mm.

Working sample of 10 of the single puzzles and problems

TABADDP02 Addition Table Puzzle

TTPUZN01 Truth Table Puzzle: Sum and Difference

CALCPUZ01 Using 5 ones and 4 operators make 0 to 4

SUMS01P Use the numbers 1 to 8 to make statements true

WHEELPR01B Use the numbers 1 to 8 and make the sums even

MULS01 Use the numbers 1 to 8 to complete multiplication statements

QUADPRH02 Co-ordinate shape puzzle: Rhombus

MSTAR02 Magic Star puzzle

TRIPUZM03 Triangular Multiplication Puzzle

TRIFRAC02 Triangular Fraction Puzzle

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