Mathematics is an integral part of our everyday lives, and you will be surprised at how much mathematics we apply in our daily lives. This site is dedicated to various people that may knowingly or unknowingly be using mathematics in their life. These people include:

  • High school students that are struggling in mathematics.
  • Parents that have children who are struggling in mathematics.
  • Punters that want to leverage their mathematics knowledge and win some money.
  • Anyone that wants to learn amazing facts about maths.
  • People that want to know how they apply mathematics in various aspects of their lives.

There is a little bit of something in maths for everyone. So let us dive in.

How to Use Mathematics to Win Online Casino Games

This section is for punters (either newbies or experts) that want to learn how to leverage their maths skills to win online casino games. This section handles various issues like: knowing which bets to pick, to gain an edge over the house, how to play for more hours with limited cash, the importance of free practice and which games have a higher chance of winning.

Tips On How To Pass Mathematics In High School

For most people, maths is not a walk in the park. It is a hard subject. This section is dedicated to people that are struggling with maths, and they want to pass it. It has tips on how to master mathematics concepts right from the classroom and how to apply them in the exam room and pass.

Fun Facts About Mathematics

This section opens us up to more facts about the history of maths and how some of the concepts can be. It shows us how various people, such as founders of great technology companies and literary legends, perceived mathematics. It takes us to the Roman numbering system and to modern warships where maths had a considerable impact.

Real Life Mathematics Applications

This part shows you exactly how the high school maths that you learnt is applied in almost every part of your life. It shows you how you use it within your home, at your favourite grocery shop and even shows you how you apply mathematics when you are travelling.

How to Use Mathematics for Personal Financial Planning

Maths can be applied in various areas, but none is more common than when it comes to financial planning. Here we discuss how maths can help handle issues like: interest, debt, net worth and the time-value of money.

How to Make Your Kids Love Mathematics

This section is dedicated to the parent that loathed mathematics, and now their child needs help with some maths problems. We give you some practical tips to help your child get a good start to learning mathematics.